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Patriot League cancels all fall sports

In the latest sign of how difficult it will be to re-start sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one college conference is scrapping all of its fall sports this year. The

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Family caregiving may not harm health of caregivers after all

For decades, family caregiving has been thought to create a type of chronic stress that may lead to significant health risks or even death, alarming potential caregivers and presenting a

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Britain set to ban Huawei from 5G, though timescale unclear

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to ban Huawei from Britain’s 5G network in a landmark decision that will anger Beijing but win plaudits from President Donald Trump as the

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Google is reportedly facing a new antitrust probe from California

California has reportedly opened its own antitrust investigation into Google, Politico reports, which would mean the search giant is now facing antitrust probes from every state in the US bar

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Man killed by police after mask dispute at Michigan store

A Michigan sheriff’s deputy on Tuesday fatally shot a man suspected of stabbing another man who had challenged him about not wearing a mask at a store, police said. The

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