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Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar has made a change to his legal representation as he continues to fight armed robbery charges.

Daniel Wallach of reports that Dunbar has replaced attorneys Michael Grieco and Michael Weinstein with Andrew Rier and Jonathan Jordan. Weinstein was a recent addition to Dunbar’s representation while Grieco has been implicated in allegations of payoffs to get witnesses to recant allegations against Dunbar and Giants cornerback Deandre Baker.

Grieco denied those allegations, but a police report indicated that his office “was the background that facilitated a cash transaction that later obstructed the integrity of an investigation.” That police report indicated that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement does not believe that the attorney’s actions constituted criminal behavior.

In addition to filing notice of change of counsel, Dunbar’s new attorneys also served a notice of participation of discovery in order to obtain evidentiary materials in the possession of prosecutors.