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Whether inmate mentally fit for execution could cause delay

The man next on the list to be executed by the federal government after a nearly 20-year hiatus ended this week may have a better chance of avoiding lethal injection,

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NFLPA rep Nate Solder warns of “no football,” if NFL fails to keep players safe

As the NFL and NFL Players Association prepare to confer on Monday regarding the terms and conditions of football in a pandemic, the Giants’ NFLPA representative has huffing and puffing

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Chemical offers new hope of finding treatments for neglected tropical diseases

Scientists say they are a step closer to developing a drug to kill the trypanosome parasite that causes human African trypanosomiasis, otherwise known as sleeping sickness, paving the way for

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U.S. June deficit surges to $864 billion

The U.S. federal budget deficit in June surged to $864 billion from single digits a year earlier amid continued strong spending on coronavirus relief programs and a drop in individual

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Apple AirPods Pro are more affordable than ever today at Woot

Apple’s AirPods Pro have dropped to their lowest price yet at Woot, an online store owned by Amazon. Normally $250, they’re $35 off. This brings them down to $215 today

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Lebanon looks to China as US, Arabs refuse to help in crisis

Facing a worsening economic crisis and with little chance of Western or oil-rich Arab countries providing assistance without substantial reforms, Lebanon’s cash-strapped government is looking east, hoping to secure investments

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